The Nexus Project

with Ben and Michel

The Nexus Project was the very first project created by The Cambrians and was the origination of the Nexus process. The show itself is a family-friendly performance of dance and storytelling, featuring in-depth stories from Ben and Michel's lives. Performed in the round, it provides and intimate look into the experience of dance performance. Performed in the round, each show is different, as Ben and Michel decide which stories to tell based off various, light-heartened interactions with the audience.

Ben and Michel's source material choreographers were:

Francisco Avina, Nicolas Blanc, Autumn Eckman, Jonathan Fredrickson, Daniel 'Brave Monk' Haywood, Khecari, Ron de Jesus, Harrison McEldowney, Matthew McMunn, Julia Rhoads, Adam Rose, Penny Saunders, and Robyn Mineko Williams