Previous Projects


Our projects are first and foremost new processes for the building of dance shows. These processes center on deepening the artistic relationship of a given project's performers, in order for their relationship to function as a portal for understanding their dancing and the show itself.

Since we started in mid-2012, we have created two such processes:

Nexus and Clover


Using these processes, The Cambrians has created three evening-length shows:

The Nexus Projectfeaturing Ben and Michel

The Losers, featuring Autumn and Jamy


Clover, featuring Ben, Michel and Mindy

Over the course of creating these evening-length shows, we have also created 23 source material pieces, all of which remain in repertoire.




The Nexus process explores the overlap between many dance forms via the filter of duet choreography. In the Nexus process, numerous “source material” choreographers from broadly diverse disciplines such as neoclassical ballet, butoh, breakdancing, jazz, and somatics create duets on two performers. The source material choreographers then allow the performers to take those duets, break them up and remix the pieces into unique evening-length shows.