The Cambrians

The Cambrians [KAYM-bree-uns] is a global dance production network, based out of Chicago, that treats our dance performers as the primary drivers of choreographic quality and innovation. As a network, we grow by building relationships between our dancers. At any given time, The Cambrians has a project running centered on two or three performers, usually living in different cities. In these projects, the dancers travel to several cities to make duets or trios with a dozen or more choreographers, chosen by the performers. The performers then take all the duets that have been made on them and remix them to create evening-length shows. These projects act as relationship building gauntlets, through which the performers grow uniquely adept at dancing together by seeing each other in numerous situations and through a wide array of dance forms. They learn together, teach other, sometimes get impatient with each other, and ultimately grow together into artistic friendships that we then present to our audiences to get to know. Our network is young but growing quickly.